ASTON MARTIN V12 Vantage Finance

My name is Christopher Herriott and I deal with the enquiries for the Aston Martin Vantage here at Prestige Car Finance. The Aston Martin Vantage is an incredibly popular model with our clients, given its sporty appearance, blistering performance and ultimate heritage.

I thought you may be interested in some customer statistics and a few of the queries that are asked when I offer an alternative to any finance package already offered by the dealerships.

90% of Aston Martin enquiries are for used cars and therefore I have to offer terms and rates that compete favorably with Aston Martin dealership finance. This thankfully is not too difficult as the majority of dealerships think, rightly or wrongly, that their customers have little choice but to go with their in-house offering.


Discover your personalised finance package for your ASTON MARTIN V12 Vantage.

We can offer exceptional finance packages on ASTON MARTIN V12 Vantage both new or used. Please complete our quote form or call 020 3714 0040 to get your ASTON MARTIN V12 Vantage alternative showroom finance.


Personal Contract Purchase

To date 35% of Aston Martin customers go for a PCP finance product, which lowers the monthly payments, but does mean that a 'balloon' / final payment is required to own the car outright at the end of the term.

Hire Purchase

The balance of Aston Martin customers go for a HP product, typically over 4 or 5 years, understanding that although it's more expensive on a monthly basis, once they have made the final payment then the car, and any value in the car, is theirs, should they wish to sell or part exchange it - and this also means less overall interest paid.

Fixed versus Variable Payments

There is always the argument of fixed vs. variable - a topic that many forums cover; but it's probably best that you call me to discuss this, to see which is right for you, and which type you may or may not qualify for.

Advice without obligation

Please complete our quote form or call me directly on 020 3714 0040 to discuss your individual Aston Martin Vantage financing requirements.