Recent Customer Feedback

Besides his main family car, John from Bristol has a Porsche 911 that he drives during his leisure time. Says John, "I bought my last one 20 years ago, but I had a good year so I thought it was time to get another." He found his ideal car from a local Porsche approved dealership where he asked for a quote to finance it. He says, "It wasn't a good rate. When you're paying that type of money for a car you need to look carefully to see what interest you're paying for the length of the agreement."I heard about Prestige Car Finance when I was listening to the Planet Rock radio station, I happen to be a fan. I found their price to be very competitive. I know exactly how much I saved using them. I can quite categorically say that it saved me £4,520 over four years."John continues, "I have to say that Prestige were absolutely excellent. I've used a few brokers in the past to finance vehicles for work and personal use but Prestige know what they're talking about, they know their cars. They're obviously enthusiasts and knew exactly where to look to find the right finance for mine."They've got it spot on - 10 out of 10 for getting all the paperwork exactly where and when they said they would. I'll probably be using Prestige again this year. My wife's car is up for renewal and I'll give them first chance at it. I've already recommended Prestige to someone else."

Robert from Cornwall bought his used Land Rover Discovery from a local Land Rover dealer. He initially considered a quote from the dealership but then discovered Prestige Car Finance via the web. Says Robert, "I hadn't used Prestige before but found their quote much more competitive. It was around £60 cheaper per month over a four-year period."It was also a very good service - personable and efficient. They were very easy to deal with and a lot less fussy than the service from the dealership."Robert adds, "I would absolutely consider using them in the future and would recommend them to others if they were buying a similar car."

Alan, from Stockton-on-Tees, used Prestige Car Finance when buying a used Land Rover Freelander from his Land Rover dealership. Alan says, "It was the first time I bought a car, having always had one from the company, and was confused about how best to finance it. I considered finance from the dealership but the quote they gave me definitely didn't match my requirements."Prestige suggested a few different options that I felt were better suited. The price was very competitive too but the main reason I went with them was because they were very helpful - more so than anyone else I spoke to. When it came to buying the car, it was obvious that Prestige were supplying me with the finance I wanted and not just trying to sell me something that suited them.Alan adds, "The service was certainly first rate. I had several conversations with them and each time they were very helpful and very patient. I would definitely consider using Prestige in the future and would definitely recommend them."

When James from Reading had his Range Rover Sport stolen, he wanted to replace it quickly with the minimum of fuss. He found a like-for-like replacement from a sizeable Land Rover dealership. Says James, "The dealership offered me finance but the quote wasn't comparable to what I was previously paying, so I started looking around for alternatives. I found Prestige Car Finance. I hadn't used their service before but found their price very competitive, saving about £80 per month over a five-year deal."James continues, "At Prestige I was dealing directly with one person and he gave me all the answers I needed over the phone. When it came to negotiation and we started talking figures, he was able to adjust accordingly without having to go off and consult someone else. I thought the Prestige service was very good - they listened to what I wanted and got on with it. I would definitely consider using them in the future and have no qualms about recommending them."